Monday, 1 April 2013

March review and April planning

How did I do with my March goals? I think that I succeeded from the point of view of putting family first again for a while. Not always but often enough. Here were my more specific goals:

Home & garden: Complete the decor in the front room. Clear out my craft room.
Complete! Well, sort of. The front room is decorated but not really furnished. The craft room is much better but I really must start using up my junk.

Wellbeing: Post on blog 4 times a week
Yep, I did this! I'm not sure if I'm going to worry about posting quite so continuously but it definitely helped me feel that things were back on track.

Health & Fitness: rediscover yoga
Not yet...

Celebrations: My partners birthday. 11th Commonwealth day. 17th St Patricks. 10th Mothering Sunday. 20th Spring Equinox.
Another tick here. St Patricks was ignored but as we're not Irish that's not a big deal!

Arts & Crafts: Explore art with different materials with my children
We certainly looked at wax crayons!

Self learning: I need to focus on doing rather than planning.
Mixed success here but I did manage to finish off a few things that had been ticking over too long.

And for April?
The pendulum swings back to me again. This month could be tough!
Home & garden: Get into the garden everyday, even if it's just a walk.
Wellbeing: No romantic fiction.
Health & Fitness: Plan meals for healthy eating.
Celebrations: Easter (though almost over)! St Georges Day
Arts & Crafts: Sketch a little something everyday.
Self learning: Limit shopping budget.

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