Friday, 29 March 2013


A first Easter egg
I love Easter. We celebrate it with our very actions as a time for kicking off projects and getting stuck in to tasks that have been put off throughout the gloom of winter. Whatever the weather we collapse onto the sofa at the end of Easter Monday feeling very satisfied with what we have achieved whether it is inside or outside our home.

I will find a few minutes to snuggle down on the sofa with my boys and hot cross buns to discuss the story of the resurrection of Jesus though they will doubtless find the mash of pagan eggs and Christian beliefs as confusing as I did as a child.

We will all munch chocolate Easter eggs on Sunday though my youngest will put us to shame as he contentedly pushes them to one side after a small nibble as he has "had enough for now". I wish that I were as in tune with my body as he is.

It is also a time in which we see our extended family, children come to stay and we have Easter egg hunts in the garden. We have a big roast meal on Sunday whilst Monday is spent desperately trying to finish things off before we go back to our normal working week.

I don't feel the need to impose any more festivity to Easter. What we have works for us and it is a celebration of Spring that we enjoy.

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