Tuesday 19 March 2013

Seedy sunday

Radish seedlings
Last year my veg patch was something of a disaster thanks to the slugs. I couldn't keep on top of them. Apparently all the rain we had was good for our plants but I gave up in frustration. This year so far the pigeons have stripped my purple sprouting broccoli. I see that I'm really going to have to pay more attention to pests this year if I'm to hope to get anything back.
I always want to grow onions, carrots and potatoes which is ridiculous as these are so cheap to buy. So my focus should be on the pricier veg such as beans and garlic. And salad. Definitely salad. This is where a true saving can be made. Salad leaves are so easy to grow and we all enjoy eating them. Truly! I grew up having salad as an extra that was picked at cautiously, now we mix it up on the plate with whatever hot food we're having. As a result my boys love it.


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