Monday, 4 March 2013

Planting seeds

Willow cuttings
 I love planting seeds, they always seem to be so full of promise. This year I'm determined to cut back on my vegetable aspirations and get going with other perennial plants for the garden. A couple of years ago I saw an episode of 'Gardeners World' showing a winter/spring garden full of willow, hellebores and other striking plants. I can't afford to fill my garden with these but I have got started with a selection of 17 different willow cuttings. These have all been pushed into my flower nursery bed in the veg patch and I really hope that they will prosper. I have previously attempted this but due to a combination of dotting them around randomly in the garden and helpful children pulling the sticks out, nothing took. My fingers are crossed for this time.

Half price roots
Another item I've not had much success with are purchased roots. However, I felt unable to pass up the opportunity to pick up some of my favourite plants in the form of these half price root packs. These were also planted into my flower nursery bed so that I can keep an eye on them and move them to a more sensible location when they have bulked up a bit.  

Heated Propagator

 Finally I had a fun with seeds. My little heated propagator is packed full and so is my kitchen windowsill. And to think that this is only the beginning. I really hope that the slugs won't be up to the same mischief again this year!
Unheated propagator

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