Thursday 21 March 2013

Win Green Hill

We had a family walk on Win Green Hill. The boys were reluctant due to the cold, but us adults were determined. The boys were correct, it was cold. Very cold. So cold that it started snowing as soon as we were out of the car. Not to be easily knocked back we walked on. A bit. A little bit. It must have been our shortest walk ever. I'll be amazed if it was longer than half a mile.

Walking back to the car I was drawn to an odd little copse. The trees on it seemed to be raised above the surrounding countryside and they were calling me in. Leaving the rest of the family to walk on I lingered to absorb the feel of the place. It was restful, felt as if it was sleeping. I could have happily settled there for longer but the peace was broken by my son calling.

I'm always left wondering by barrows as to who built them, why and what were the emotions they felt when they were used. This one is very prominently placed on the hill top with no trees apart from those growing on the mound. I wonder who planted these and why, I assume that they are fairly young, especially compared to the age of the mound which is said to be bronze age. A lovely place to just be.

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