Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New storage for winter wear

Individual storage
I finally did it, our big old hamper of miscellaneous hats, scarves and whatevers has been sorted into individual boxes for each of us. We are lucky enough to have a utility room and in this space I have a large Ikea Expedit bookcase in which we store all manner of useful stuff. I have been looking out for suitable sized baskets to sit in the spaces but cannot afford the lovely wicker ones that I prefer so was left hunting in Homebase. Alas, whilst they had a reasonable selection some months ago all those available now look pretty but were clearly not designed for durability. Instead a multipack of 5 boxes was purchased and are now sitting very neatly in their cubby holes.

These boxes will not only hold winter extras but also cycle helmets and clips, reflective vests and (importantly) those nerf gun bullets that I'm constantly picking up throughout the house. I still need to sort through each of them but as winter will be coming to a close soon I am putting off that task for now.

I'm not keen on plastic storage boxes. Whilst they have their uses I find that over time my children tend to split them. I was going to cover up some cardboard boxes with fabric for a cheap fix, after all this is what most of those I saw in the shops were. But the thought of investing time into this project when they will have to put up with some heavy use made me decide reluctantly in favour of the cheap plastic for now. I will continue to keep my eyes peeled for a better solution.

This follows on from There is no bad weather only bad clothing

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