Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wardrobe review

Sunday was cold. I knew that I ought to get out into the garden but I just couldn't face being cold. So, casting my mind around for a job that wasn't too taxing my eyes fell upon my wardrobe. This was something I had been putting off for a while but a perfect task for now.
pink top with new straps
What I wear daily is a pretty boring uniform dictated by living in a cold house. I could turn the heating on more often but since moving here we have had surprisingly few sniffles and I'm sure that this is partially down to not using central heating all the time. The result is that I tend to live in jeans, several jersey tops and a fleece. Not a great look but warm.
How would I like to dress? I think that this is really a post for another day but I would like to wear skirts more often and I really ought to find another option to my boring fleeces, they really don't flatter anybody. But with no money to invest in my wardrobe I have to make the best of what I have.
What do I have? On the plus side everything in my wardrobe fits me. I do have clothes put away in a suitcase that would fit if I lost a stone or two but as I haven't they don't really count for now. I pulled out everything that I don't wear regularly to assess why and considered how to improve them, stuck a post it note on with the details and moved on to the next item. By the time I finished I had a small pile of clothing to work on. There was only one item to donate to the charity shop so I count this as a success.
New buttons on my cardi
Whilst most pieces required the sewing machine I was able to pull out two items that were quick and simple jobs. The first is a pink summer top that has had very little wear, partially due to temperature but mainly because it had silly skinny straps that usually only look good on young girls. It also conveniently had a waist tie that was completely superfluous - one of those that you loosely tie at the back and just looks a bit silly whilst fabric bunches above and below. It took only a moment to cut these off and sew them onto the top as new straps. I did consider sewing in some snaps for holding bra straps but I decided to hold off for now and see how much wear it gets.

The second was a charity shop find blue wool cardigan that has a lovely shape when worn. The only problem was that it had some nasty brass buttons down the front. I have been intending to change these for years but somehow never got around to it. Now I have. It's good to have a useable, flattering top to wear.

Eventually I would like my wardrobe to be full of clothing that I can layer with rather than rely on my fleeces. That time will come but for now I will stay warm.

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