Thursday, 23 January 2014

A little bit of sewing

New purse and pouch
I am so happy that I managed to squeeze in a little sewing this week. For some reason I'm not finding the time to craft at the moment but the creativity that this offers is very important to me so I've really been missing it.
Just before Christmas my purse broke. I've been intending to sew a new one ever since and finally made the time for it. A simple purse made using an old zip and an torn pair of Z's jeans, it's the perfect size and I'm really pleased with how it turned out (though admittedly it would look better with an iron - life's too short). I also stitched together a quick pouch that I need.

New bag
My biggest project was a new bag. This is to house my 'emergency car kit' and I think that it will do the job well. I made it up as I went along from an old curtain, it has square corners at the bottom and a zip top. I am very impressed with my zip!! I'm not so impressed with the twisted handle but as it will spend most of it's time in the car I don't intend to unpick the thing to sort it out.
Bag with zip!
We now have a very happy me.

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