Wednesday, 1 January 2014

December review, January planning

Last months plan:

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!

Christmas definitely happened and there is little about it that I would bother changing. Well, maybe not add a second set of lights to the Christmas tree after it had been decorated! I do still have a couple of posts to share but I am now Christmassed out and ready to move on.

I've enjoyed the season and have seen all of my family. New Years is a bit of a disappointment but that is down to the weather which is out of my control. The only thing I would like to add is to get down to the seaside. I find that the sea anchors me and we've not been there for some time.

And for January?

I've been keeping this blog for a year now and it seems like a natural time for a review. Unquestionably I am in a much better place than I was a year ago. I feel more stable and settled with the result of being more confident too. I have also felt able to take on more responsibilities again, I am on the local scouts committee and doing more within our local home ed community.

Two years ago I had had to step back from things, it feels good to be moving forward again.
What isn't so good is my body. I'm never going to be a supermodel but my personal fitness is appalling and I am really noticing how my body doesn't want to work well. So if my main 2013 goal was to sort out my head then my 2014 goal is to do the same for my body. Physical health needs to take priority.

The next thing to consider is this blog itself. Do I want to keep writing it? I don't have a large readership expecting to keep up with my life but this blog was never about that, it was to be a record to help keep me on track with my goals. And so far this has worked well. Little bits of other things have crept in but it is still ultimately here to keep me accountable to myself. So I will continue. I wonder how it will develop in this new year?

Wellbeing: Enjoy the outside
Home and Garden: Kitchen, start garden planning
Health: Walk!
Celebrations: Grandmothers birthday
Arts & Crafts: Present for Grandmother
Self Learning: --

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