Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Emergency kit for the car

Emergency bag
Here it is, my emergency kit for the car!

It has a first aid kit for small accidents (including foil blanket), a triangle and vest for car breakdowns. A window hammer/seatbelt cutter/beacon/torch with a spare set of batteries (not kept in the bag but in the pocket by the drivers door). This was a bit cheap and nasty but will do the job, I'm happy with it. A sealed bottle of water just because I once broke down with thirsty children, it took over four hours for the RAC to get us home which was only 4 miles away. For the same reason I have a pack of biscuits; I would prefer chocolate but chocolate is a lot more sensitive to the temperature. The final item shown is a pack of wet wipes that will probably see far more use than any of the rest of this collection. There's nothing quite like reaching your destination to discover that the clean children who got into the car bear no resemblance to those who get out. Not shown but also included is a pen, small notepad and a map.

What it doesn't include are any tools because I simply wouldn't know what to do with them. The RAC may always take a long time to reach this bit of the world but they do eventually come and have always been great to us. I'm also missing a snow shovel but as I don't drive in the snow I decided not to waste the cash. If I'm seriously in the position of needing to I'll just chuck a garden shovel in the car.

This may all seem a bit over the top but I have had so many car issues over this past two months that I am beginning to get a bit paranoid. Only yesterday my electrics started playing up which completely distracted me from a lovely visit with some friends. At least I'm hoping that's all the problem is, something else I need to get checked out.

I hope that your journeys are less stressful than mine at the moment.

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