Monday, 6 January 2014

More flooding

River Stour
It is still raining and according to the forecast there is yet more to come. I am slightly concerned for J who will be returning to work this week. Fingers crossed that the floods don't get any higher.

I must confess to finding the floods fascinating. I realise that they have cause a lot of damage and some people are in a bad way thanks to the high water levels. My thoughts are with those who are having to deal with the double whammy of the tidal bore yesterday. But despite that there is still a bit of me that enjoys the sight of nature reminding us, yet again, that we cannot control her.

Each day I have walked to view our local river that has spilled out over the fields for the last few weeks. Despite the calm look of it all there is a strong current rapidly moving great volumes of water down stream. This is not a massive still puddle but a active, dangerous force.

Drying out wellies with newspaper

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