Friday, 17 January 2014

Spring cleaning.

Garlic cloves in modules
Okay, it isn't yet spring but the sun shone for a bit. I had a busy day getting started on the garden. When I say getting started I mean doing what I could without having to step too often onto our still water saturated land. So the shed it was then.

Shed before clear out
The shed was in a bit of a mess. It doesn't look too bad in the above photo other than the state of the floor thanks to the lawn mower (it lives in here too). But we had an old fridge to put in so some reorganisation was required.

The fridge still works but is pretty grotty and the shelves in the side door have been broken making it impractical for a small model. Rather than chuck it I thought that it would make a good, mouse free, storage cupboard. 

But, in moving things around, I discovered that one of the windows was slightly broken and letting water into a container beneath. I discovered this as I moved the container whose handle broke from the unexpected weight and promptly splashed all over the floor. Water was everywhere! I really didn't need yet more damp. 

Shed after. 
 Anyway, lots of swearing and mopping later my shed was reorganised. Even better I was able to use it by getting my garlic cloves into modules.

Garlic is a plant that I have always enjoyed growing. This year all of my cloves are from last years harvest, how I refrained from using the fattest cloves in cooking I do not know. I don't start them direct in the soil here anymore due to how wet it gets, our land is essentially clay. But in modules they'll get a good start ready to be planted out in the spring.

It feels good to have started the ball rolling.

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