Wednesday 29 January 2014

Kitchen update

Last weekend found us removing yet more of our fitted kitchen. This is a photo of the end wall that used to have units all along with a narrow top unit sat directly on the bottom as there is so little headroom in this kitchen. It felt claustrophobic and dingy. But what I really hated was that it blocked my access to the window in the corner.

The bottom photo is a before, the top one is a 'project still ongoing'.  The cooker that can be seen on the left hand side of the top image is in the same location as the 80's rayburn in the bottom image. This was removed shortly after we moved in as we couldn't afford to run a gas fueled rayburn from gas bottles; there is no mains gas here.

It is strange looking at these images, the 'before' photo looks better than the 'after'. But believe me, the after is a big improvement. When it warms up I'll get started with the re-decoration that should pull it all together. I can't do anything about the humongous size of the fridge though! Apart from dream...

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