Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Autumn days

Beech hedge

Autumn can be a strange season of contrasts. Nature surrounds us with bright colours but also often offers grey, low light days.

Bramley Apples
Amazingly we still have some fruit on the tree, our Bramley is still holding onto a few apples.

Mole hills
The moles have started making their annual attack on my lawn. I know nothing about the lifestyle of moles but they do seem to wake up at this time of year. I really ought to collect the fine soil that they leave behind. 
Badger work
Badgers are rooting around too, digging up the end of the garden in search of food.
J's rose 
I am amazed at how many spring flowers are out and about. My wallflowers are blooming and primroses are open. I often have a few individual roses opening throughout winter from my ramblers but I was surprised to see a couple of fat buds on J's bush roses.

Much of the garden is soggy and many of the plants have well and truly gone over. Soon it will be time to grab the loppers and get pruning. 

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