Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Catching up in the garden

Future leaf mould
Each time I mow the lawn I tell myself that it will be the last time for this year. But just a couple of weeks later I'm having to drag out the lawn mower yet again thanks to the multitude of trees in my garden. This time I managed to fill a second dumpy bag, cram yet more leaves into the first and still had some left over that ended up on the compost heap.

Why do I bother? The first reason is so that I can make leaf mould. The second reason is that we have so many trees that I don't want the grass dying under the leaf fall. And amongst our mini arboretum are a few trees with very large, leathery leaves that will smother the grass.

Anyway, that is the lawn mowed for this year. Well, until the next time!

Hedge laying
On a more positive front J has started hedge laying. More like tree laying at the moment but it should bulk up again over time. I am really impressed with how much he managed to achieve in one afternoon. We have been talking about laying this area ever since we first moved in 4 years ago, it is great to see it actually happening. Somehow I always thought that it would be me doing this, or at least starting the job. But considering the size of the limbs I'm not upset that J got ahead of me!

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