Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The kitchen

Behind the sink
As I've said before, our house is still very much a work in progress. There are times that I wish that we had found a more modern home that only required a lick of paint.

Plumbing embedded in the walls
Our next big task is the kitchen. We have no budget for this and, apart from the plumbing, we are pretty much re-purposing what we already have. I'm not a fan of fitted kitchens and we will be removing yet more of our units. One big job that we were not expecting was having to re-do the plumbing after having found corroded pipes hidden in the walls.
Could there be a leaky pipe in here?
This may go some way to explaining why the plaster in our chimney is cracking up and the mysterious dampness behind it.
Kitchen when we first moved in (the other half was just as full)
 When we first moved in the kitchen was crammed with units and painted pillerbox red. An interesting colour choice when you take into account the low ceilings. We hated it.
Utility room when we first moved in
As is that wasn't enough there were also more of these units in the utility room. Most of these were removed in our first few weeks here but as the units were well made they have all been re-purposed in two other homes. I must admit that, much as I hate them, with white counter-tops they look fabulous in my mums home!

Our plan is to retain the units by the sink but no more. We have a small dresser for storage and a large fridge, hopefully this will be enough storage for us. Too much storage just means that I keep too much clutter. As a gadget lover it is hard to cut back on what I have but there is no point in having lots of cupboards full of useful stuff if I can never put my hand on what I need.

I'm looking forward to my new, slimmer kitchen. One day.

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