Sunday, 1 December 2013

November review, December planning

Last months plan:
 Nanowrimo. I gave it a go. I didn't get very far. But I did learn more about me. The first thing that I learned is that I have too many other priorities at the moment to give this a fair chance. I also learned that I do want to give this a fair chance at some point, I really enjoyed the writing that I did. I am still too much of a perfectionist and whilst I have improved a lot on this over the past year there is plenty of room for progress. The final big point is that much as I enjoy writing I seem to work best when I have a structure to work around rather than some hazy idea.

Another goal that slipped past without me noticing was that I have reached over 200 posts! Not bad going.

This month? It's all Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! I'm not setting any goals other than the usual time related mad rush happenings that commonly occur in December. I love preparing for Christmas, I think that I enjoy this more than the day itself!

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