Wednesday 11 December 2013

Why do I take these pictures?

A few weeks ago we were passing Stonehenge and decided to pop in. It was nearly closing so we didn't have long. The children were being awkward to deal with, one wanted to run ahead and the other was dragging his feet. It was very cold. But somehow I still found the time to take photo's of this great monument.


Why am I so quick to pull out my camera? In this case a pretty naff camera that is built into my mobile. So why did I take the time to frame several images of these majestic stones?

It's not as if there aren't many great images of this site already. It's not as if I haven't taken photos here before. I guess it's the fact that I wanted to take a bit of it home with me. And the colours were glorious.

Next time I need to put the camera away. I need to sit down and enjoy the moment, the peace of the stones with the odd conjunction of the many languages that drift past my ear. Rather than viewing it through a lens I ought to just enjoy being there. And I need to allow my children to learn to do this too rather than rush them around the great circle with as much speed as possible.

I need to remember to just be.

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