Monday, 6 May 2013

May Day

I always enjoy May Day. Some years I go overboard with flowers in the house, others we get out and about. This year we've done a mixture of things over this bank holiday weekend.

May day itself, on the first, was unobserved. I forgot! But we've been having lots of fun this weekend in the garden. Yesterday we visited the event 'Siege' at Old Sarum. Whilst my boys enjoyed this my youngest's favourite bit was visiting the prototype Neolithic houses that the Ancient Technology centre group had been building in the car park. My boy has some strange reactions to buildings, he absorbs the atmosphere and just likes 'to be'. The Neolithic building was dark and slightly smoky which you wouldn't expect to grab him but he happily settled in on their woven beds and didn't want to go. This has happened before with him but usually in religious buildings such as churches or cathedrals.

Today I was planning to go to Old Wardour Castle for more May fun... but it is such great weather that I'm happy to stay home and enjoy the garden. So out there now I will go!

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