Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Why do I write this blog?

When I first started this journey I pulled together a folder and just let all of the ideas I had flow within it's pages. I've not picked up that folder for several months now. Perhaps I should.
This blog has become that folder. The routine of posting allows me to regularly keep on top of ideas and how I am progressing. I'm not posting for fame, there are no regular readers as far as I'm aware. I have not advertised this blog. But I do enjoy writing it.
I also enjoy making it look attractive and pleasing to my eye. I want it to be relaxing. Hence lots of photo's of clouds.
I don't share much of my family here, my eldest doesn't want to be shown and my youngest is too young to choose. This is also why I do not share my whole name and face. Am I protecting my family or just using this as an excuse to hide myself? I'm not sure, I hope that I'm not hiding. Perhaps I will be more open in the future.
What I didn't expect when I started this was to rediscover how much I enjoy writing. The blog format helps to prevent me from being too wordy and going on and on and on. Usually.
I also find it hard not to use emoticons, I sometimes feel that these help better express when I'm being ironic or feeling happy.  But when I use them I feel that I'm being lazy in not bothering to find the words to express how I feel. Sometimes using the correct word is hard.
I enjoy writing this blog. When that enjoyment ends, so will this blog.

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