Monday, 13 May 2013

Weight loss notes April - May

  • Monday 15th April, first day - 14stone 13lbs.
  • Monday 22nd April - 14st 8.5lbs => 4.5lbs lost
  • Monday 29th April - 14st 4.5lbs => 4lbs lost, 8.5lbs overall
  • Monday 6th May - 14st 7.25lbs => 2.75lbs gained,  5.25 lost overall
  • Monday 13th May - 14st 3.5lbs => 3.75lbs lost, 9.25 lost overall
I've not written much about trying to lose weight because I generally find weight loss blogs boring. I tried to write one myself in the past but keeping it inspiring was hard work especially on a bad week. I want all my effort to go into losing weight, not creating blog posts around what becomes very narrow subject of have I lost or gained.

We all know how to lose weight, eat less and do more. You don't need me to tell you how to do that. What I can say is how I succeeded this last month. The first two weeks I followed a meal replacement plan. The third week I tried to just eat sensibly which I found pretty hard. With hindsight I think that this happened to collide with pmt kicking in which didn't help (pmt was mild this month so I didn't realise at the time). I'm now back on the meal replacement plan though it varies as to whether I use this for one or two meals each day. The weekends I have been on real food for all meals and less strict but not stupid. I've not done any extra exercise but I have been doing heavy gardening almost daily, my muscles can definitely feel it.

So far I have managed to lose 9lbs. I haven't yet noticed any significant difference in how my clothes fit but hopefully next month I will. Fingers crossed that I can keep this up!

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