Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Romantic fiction

My mothers day 'card'
I stopped reading romantic fiction for a month.

I have always read, as a young girl I read through nearly all of the books in our school library. This wasn't small room! I have always had a book in one hand whatever else I've been doing.

I found the genre of romantic fiction many years ago and, due to the cheap availability of books through charity shops, was swiftly hooked. My favourites are the historical or regency novels thanks to the complete fantasy that they set up, rarely bothered with the discomforts of the era or realities of characters.

I've always thought of these books as relaxing though I'm beginning to wonder if I've become addicted to the escapism held within their pages which is bizarre as the story lines tend to follow a pattern. But they do guarantee a happy ending.

I have noticed that I am less grumpy without a book on the go. I am more inclined to get up and do something productive. I am more decisive. Things happen and I feel a better sense of worth. And I feel happier about not wasting so much time on reading rubbish.

The month over, I've started reading them again. On the days that I read I feel sluggish and I'm less patient with my children. I only ever seem to feel unwell whilst I have a book on the go. Is this telling me something? I certainly need to pay more attention.

For now I still enjoy romantic fiction and I will still read it. But I think that I have to be wary about how often I read, perhaps put a block on it for most of the time. This will be hard because I'm usually always reading something. Perhaps it is time to branch out into non-fiction more often. Then, when I choose to treat myself, I can still enjoy the fantasy.

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