Thursday, 9 May 2013

Purchasing seeds


It's taken a while but I've finally chosen and ordered my seeds for the year. Doubtless I'll add a few impulse flowers over time but for now I'm quite happy with what I've got.

I'm currently in spring clean mode, trying to use all of the free seeds I've collected from magazines and getting rid of the ones I'm never going to sow. As I'm focusing on salads this year I'm surprised by how few new packs I've needed, all purchased within the £15 voucher I had for Thompson and Morgan, apart from some white clover seed that I bought through ebay.

For my own record, I have purchased:
  • Poached egg plant - apparently this is loved by beneficial insects
  • Chilli pepper 'Padron' - This is a medium chilli. I love chillis but don't always want to burn the roof off of my mouth!
  • Chilli pepper 'Poblana Ancho' - A mild chilli
  • Snake Gourd - a bit of fun for the boys!
  • Squash 'Turks Turban' (winter) - Just because it looks cool
  • Squash 'Patty Pans Scallop Mixed' - I think that we'll all enjoy trying these
  • Aquilegia 'Magpie' & 'Royal Purple' - I love granny's bonnets
  • Dianthus plumarius 'Sonata' - It was cheap and I fancy growing some of these
  • Comfrey - for when I run out of nettles to harvest (fat chance!)
  • White Clover - to use as a green manure
I hope that they arrive soon and grow well.

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