Friday 8 November 2013

All my preserves

A fine larder
This is a shameless, haven't I done well, post. I am really chuffed with my preserve cupboard! I feel that we have actually made use of a good amount of our fruit harvest this year, it is very satisfying to know that little has been wasted. Some of the food was experimental to us, primarily the ketchups. I opened one from the first batch that I made, unfortunately it is still too vinegary to eat. It is easy to get discouraged when the food tastes bad but my previous limited experience with chutneys has shown me that I need to be patient.

On the bottom shelf are my cordials, one bottle of plum and apple and 5 bottles of lemon and ginger. The plum and apple cordial worked well but unfortunately my lads were not fans so I've not made any more of these. There are limits as to how much I can drink on my own! The only think I've yet to try is apple cordial which I'm hoping to do soon. Perhaps this will go down better with my lads.

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