Monday, 18 November 2013

Decorating again!

I've not even posted the finished pictures from the bathroom yet and I'm already moving onto something new. Actually the bathroom isn't quite finished though I have completed my bit so I'll have some after pics up soon.

Having got back into the decorating swing of things I decided that it was finally time to tackle the alcoves in my living room. We painted the walls here red when we first moved in (alcoves only), it was a definite reaction to having lived in a bland magnolia house for the previous six months. I would probably have lived with the red a little longer if it had ever been properly completed. A few hours after the first coat was done we discovered that the paint was literally running off of the walls. James grabbed a cloth and wiped up what he could and we have lived with those smears ever since.

All white
Three years later we have resolved a leaking water main and removed some of the paint from the exterior of the house to allow it to breath again. we still need to install a drain along the whole of that side (no damp proof course in this old house) but the wall has already dried out significantly. Enough to allow me to get some paint on that wall. It is still a work in progress, every morning I am doing up to half an hours work here and then leaving it to dry. Most of the walls are in bad condition and require a fair amount of prep even though I'm leaving many of the cracks as they add 'character' (and life is too short). As this is our main living space I can't fully clear it out so I'm just taking it a little at a time. Hopefully it will be done by Christmas!

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