Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Art week

Day 1: canvas background
I don't do as much art as I would like to with my boys. I'm not really sure why but their total lack of interest definitely plays a part!
I recently purchased some cheap canvases from The Works and decided that these would be the basis of a week long art project.

The boys were given their canvases. We discussed various ideas, my youngest was completely intimidated with the concept! Using some old tester pots they chose background colours to paint the boards. I personally hate using a white background as it makes the canvas feel too precious and the first stroke of paint or pencil that much harder to do.

Z's ideas, progressing from Chinese writing to dragons
S's ideas that included just about everything under the sun

We discussed different ideas. Both lads had very fixed intentions at the beginning but with the exploring of layouts using small sketches these evolved. Z's original intention was to do a sci-fi fantasy halo based image but he loved the rocky look of the grey painted background and decided to paint some Chinese style writing instead. After a bit more research of Chinese imagery he was further inspired to change the writing to a red dragon. S, on the other hand, came up with many random suggestions but was still leaning heavily on his original concept, a ring.

Z's dragon
They got painting, what fun! Or at least it should have been. It was their first time using my acrylics and it took a little while for them to get used to the texture of the paint. There was a great deal of fed-up-ness, whinging, moaning and far too much perfectionism for a first time at doing something. But despite it all Z amazed himself with his completed image. He loves it and I have to admit that it is really quite intimidating, those eyes are just evil. Z is so proud of himself.

S, on the other hand, is still working on his. His design was simple, a ring on a wooden background. On being asked what else was going into the picture he attempted to paint white cups but they weren't (to his mind) successful. So they were painted over and he's going to think again.

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