Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween update

Pumpkin storage!
Our Halloween plans all changed at the last minute. I had access to a car, an invite to my sister's and two boys who didn't fancy staying at home all day. An impromptu Halloween party!

Potions chest
We started the day with my proposed potions chest, this was a big success. As I had done so well with making preserves this year I didn't have any little pots or jars left to use so found it easier to purchase a few bottles of fizz and a couple of small packs of sweets. So whilst it wasn't as inventive as I had hoped it was quick to throw together and my lads enjoyed being allowed to mix different quantities of their grasshopper ale (ginger ale), lemonade with a touch of blood (food colouring) and crushed snail juice (cola). I must remember to revisit and improve on this idea next year.
Making potions
Once the potions were tidied away we invaded my sister's house. Much fun was had throughout the day with ten (later twelve) cousins playing. My sister had been tempted by a recipe for broken glass cakes and gave these ago. To be honest they weren't worth the faff of the printed instructions but the glass itself will probably find it's way into my Halloween plans next year (they looked fantastic in real life, my photo really doesn't do them justice).
Broken glass cakes
The day was rounded off with the dreaded trick or treating. I'm still not comfortable with this but my sister's village do take to Halloween in a big way. Most of the houses had pumpkins lit up as an indicator that they were happy to join in the fun; it is clearly an accepted tradition here unlike everywhere I have lived. Our crowd was a bit of a mob (a couple of friends also joined us) but as the majority of the children were under eight it didn't cause problems.

Fun was had by all and it was lovely to see Halloween enjoyed without hassling people who didn't want to take part.

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