Friday, 1 November 2013

October review, November planning

Last months plan:

Wellbeing: Don't let the Autumn blahs get me!
I cannot deny it, I was grabbed by these a couple of times this past month. The problem is that I don't wake up to why I'm feeling lousy until half way through the day. The lethargy that this imposes does mean that I find it hard to shake off. But I have managed to turn some days around and the busier I keep us the better things are.
Autumn light
Light therapy?
Home and Garden: Decorate bathroom
Not yet finished, but not too far off!
Bathroom, before I start
Doing up the bathroom floor
Celebrations: Birthdays!
Tick. Just one more to come in the next few days then I can start enjoying the Christmas planning. Halloween crept in too.
Arts & Crafts: Wellies painting
This became a long drawn out affair. The difficulty with painting is that chores need to be completed first before all the paints come out and so many things have a higher priority. But I am please with what I've produced so far.
Jumping in a puddle
Wellies painting
Self Learning: Bake bread
I didn't make as many as I had hoped but I do want to keep this up.
Harvest loaf
And for November?
Only one focus this month, Nanowrimo! I'm signed up, ready to go.

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