Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dough nuts

Dough nuts
I made dough nuts and it was really easy, all you need is to give them time as I found that the dough took a while to rise. Lesson for next time; place half of the dough into the freezer. There are only so many doughnuts that should go onto the table! These were demolished rapidly. I prepared the dough the night before so they were nicely risen and ready to cook for breakfast, delicious! I was planning on finishing them with our lunch but came back into the house after a mornings work to discover that my boys had polished off all but the two smallest 'nuts'.
According to the daily mail (clearly experts in the subject) doughnuts are British! You can read the article here. I'm not too worried about claiming them as part of our heritage but certainly the style of cooking (deep frying) makes sense historically when you consider that few people would have had access to ovens in their own home.

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