Friday, 15 November 2013

Sewing pyjamas

Pyjama trousers
I do have a tendency to wear clothes until they are falling apart, and this goes doubly so for nightwear. I never used to be a pyjama kind of girl but living in a cold house has definitely changed this for me.

As I realised recently when my sister's family stayed over, my old pair had far too many holes for me to remain decently covered. It occurred to me that by cutting them open this would be the perfect opportunity to gain a simple pattern. I also have a deep pile of ugly but decent fabric, mostly from old curtains as the previous occupants used good quality cotton to make these, after a wash they don't feel curtain like at all. It is very satisfying to stash bust a disliked curtain into a decent pair of pyjama trousers and with the added white waistband I no longer hate the pattern either.

I managed to whip this up in no time thanks to a recent big money purchase. I now own an over locker!
Singer overlocker
This was a Lidl's special at £145 and I am so pleased with it especially as last time I looked (a few years ago now) I thought that I would have to pay over £300 for a similar machine and firmly put it out of my mind. Having treated myself to some new preserving equipment last month I really should not have done this but I found it hard to walk away from this beauty. I thought on it for a few days and had a discussion with J as I don't make expensive impulse purchases as a general rule. I finally turned up at Lidls expecting them to be all gone. They weren't and to my surprise there was plenty of thread there too. So I bought it.

This is definitely a luxury. It is something I have always wanted to get but put it on the back burner, to be honest I didn't expect to purchase one until my children have left home! I used one many years ago at school and was hooked then but despite over lockers being such a timesaver (providing you know how to thread them) the reality is that a simple sewing machine is far more versatile. It will take a lot of homemade pyjamas to pay this one off but as I have a small boy who is constantly tearing his clothes I am expecting to see this machine do a lot of work.

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