Monday, 1 July 2013

Nine Springs

There is a park in Yeovil called Ninesprings. I have vague recollections of visiting it in childhood with another family. We dragged our boys around it recently.

My boys are not walkers. They groan at the thought of being dragged out on yet another boring day out. But this park agreed with them from the start. I picked up a map from the noticeboard and we made our way up the hill completely avoiding the stream. My lads ran, fought, ambushed and generally had a lot of fun playing with illegal sticks and doing their best to wind us up. They had already agreed that it was an okay place before we even reached the spring.

The Spring. They loved it. They immediately stripped off and started paddling despite the temperature of the water. This is a lovely little grotto constantly being fed by fresh spring water. We must have stayed here for almost an hour.

The remainder of the stream downhill varied, some bits were great, others stagnant. But it was fun. And we can't wait to return again but hopefully with some suitable footware for them to paddle in!

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