Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Lorax

Pictures inspired by the lorax, by my boys

I love this book, I was introduced to it a few years ago by a supply teacher who always keeps it in her bag for unplanned lessons. It has a good environmental message without getting preachy and is still one of our favourite stories. It is still regularly read and inspires much discussion about our responsibilities to the planet and why we should be trying to reduce our footprint. It is also a good reminder that we all can play a part rather than bemoaning the fact that big businesses may appear to negate our best efforts.

A few weeks ago I treated my boys to the film. It was okay but not great. I feel that a lot of the message was lost in the complication of the added story. My youngest didn't get the 'buying fresh air' element and my eldest was really too old. Okay but not great.

The one part that was a success was an extra on the DVD about how to draw the characters. Both of my boys stunned me by grabbing paper and giving it a go producing pretty credible results. I only wish that this bit had been longer and the film shorter!

Are you a Dr Seuss fan? My favourite story of his is the butter battle, a book we picked up from the library when my eldest was a toddler. I had never expected to find a young children's story about nuclear disarmament but if you need one, this is it!

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