Wednesday 3 July 2013


How is my garden growing today? Well, the June drop has finally started, lots of little apples on all of the trees and some on the ground. They'll need more thinning before they get too heavy.
The damsons are looking pretty good too, I'm going to be busy come autumn. Ideas are needed on how to preserve these.

My gooseberries are so big the plants are keeling over. I haven't had gooseberries for years and I can not wait! I don't think that there will be enough for preserving but we should get a few good meals out of them.
And finally my peek-a-boo strawberries. These are planted under the gooseberries and are doing really well. So far most have been left alone by the birds despite not being netted. I'm sure that they will cotton on soon though so we need to be on the ball with picking.

I still can't tell which currant is which but they should start colouring soon and I'll then know how to look after them properly.

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