Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New shed!

J preparing the foundations
When we first moved here we had a budget for a few extras that included two garden sheds. Actually it was to be one shed but for the size that we wanted it was better to get two. Our storage shed has been up for some time as we needed somewhere to keep occasional use stuff. But the second has spent the last two years still in bits.

The plan was to lay a patio area on to which the shed would sit. This was clearly not an inspiring project considering how often it was put off. But last weekend J, fed up of the woodwork hanging around, got started.

As you can see from the above photo the patio idea was ignored in favour of digging out small trenches and using concrete blocks for the frame to sit on. Our soil is so lovely in much of this garden that this took very little time at all though I did feel a little concerned at how small the outline felt.

Shed with walls up

As is usual with self-builds(!) as soon as the walls went up it felt like a more sensible size, plenty of room for me to potter.

Completed shed with coat of timber paint
And here is the finished structure. It may not look like much but I am so pleased to have a space near the vegetable patch for all my regular tools. It's a bit dark inside but I have plans!

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