Friday, 26 July 2013

A map of my garden

Map of my garden
I don't know about you but when I read about somebody's garden I always wish that I had a map so that I could mentally place photos within it. With this in mind I decided that it was time to draw a map of my own garden and, with a little help from an air photograph, here it is!

I don't have a front garden, the house faces the lane. There is a second entrance at the top of the picture (overshadowed by a large tree). Our garden is just under an acre in size. When we first moved here it was all completely overgrown. The last couple of years have been spent clearing and mowing but I am now just beginning to put my own stamp on the place.

I mentally split the garden up into different areas. There is the 'front' garden which is the lawn by the house, a tiny pond area and an overgrown herbaceous bed that contains an apple, a plum and an unknown red leaved tree. This is all overshadowed by a large yew tree that keeps this area dark all year round. To the north is the workshop, there is a driveway here and it is also where we have our wood piles. Travelling west across the garden is the 'middle' lawn. This is like a small arboretum with trees that I have not yet identified. It is lovely and cool here at the moment with all our hot weather. South is my vegetable patch, where most of my work so far has been. There is a lovely rose arbour walk going through the middle. Continuing west you will find our 'orchard' that contains two apples and numerous self-seeded plums/damsons. The final section of the garden is where we currently have a permanent bonfire, it is mowed but the ground is fairly rough. I've always wanted this to be a wild flower meadow but I suspect that the soil is too fertile. There are quite a few overgrown shrubbery areas throughout the garden that have not yet been tamed.

There is still much to clear but I'm happy with how far we have come.

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