Wednesday 24 July 2013

Just a little garlic

We have harvested all of our garlic. They are currently enjoying the sunshine drying out. It's been a pretty good haul this year, half of which popped up from plantings that disappeared with the bad weather last summer. I wasn't sure what to expect of these considering that they had been in the ground for almost two years but I left them growing between the other plants as they appeared to be healthy, they have bulked up nicely and harvested you can't tell any difference.

My initial plan is to make a plait, I've always loved these and they are quick and easy to do. Long term I will probably mash and freeze the cloves before they start growing again but if they do sprout they'll go straight into a pot. Waste not, want not!

This years garlic was started off in modules thanks to our late spring. This has been such a success that I'll probably do it this way again. I tend to plant in spring as I've never had much success from autumn sowings. By doing this I can get away with using garlic purchased from the supermarket. I've actually achieved better plants this way than by using cloves purchased from the garden centre, it's better on my pocket too. Ideally I would plant from my own garlic but somehow there never seems to be any left over.  

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