Thursday 18 July 2013

Weeds et al

Summer is such an exhuberent time in the garden with all the weeds trying to outdo each other. It hasn't helped that with my big lawnmower out of action I'm having to use a small push along which takes up to 4 hours to complete the garden. Thankfully most of the weeds are not too bad, the worst is a small patch of bindweed in the old greenhouse area that I'm trying to keep on top of.

The majority of the weeds are nettles which I find quite easy to deal with, the only issue is the quantity but each year I manage to get a little bit more of the garden under control. I love this image above, it reminds me of a crowd of old, bearded men.

There are also several stumps to remove. The big tree stumps I just have to live with but these smaller ones I would rather have removed. But with only me prepared to put in the work it may be a long time.

Contorted pear
This last image is not of a weed but our contorted pear that had a major 'prune' last winter. We were a bit worried about whether or not it would come back but it had so much brittle and dead wood in it that we had little choice about chopping it back. It is in a favourite play spot for my boys and with their love of tree climbing it was just a matter of time before there would be an accident. It looks as if we may have been lucky as it is finally resprouting.

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