Friday, 12 July 2013

Roses in bloom

Rosa Mundi
I'm loving roses at the moment. This top image is Rosa Mundi, a rose I saw at Lytchett Minster open gardens. This particular example looked as if it was splashed with paint and really caught my eye. It's on my wish list now.

Rambling rose on the back of our house.
I have no idea of the names of the remaining roses, all I can say is that they are well established in my garden. This gentle yellow rose happily scrawls on the back of my house. It starts off as quite a bright yellow bud that pales as it slowly opens. When fully curled back it is a fluffy mess, reminds me of meringue. It has a great scent too. It is repeat flowering, there was even a few flowers in the depth of winter whilst we had snow on the ground.

Rose growing wild
Here is a pretty single that is currently living life free from pruning in a wild patch of my garden. I thought it looked so sweet with the wild flowers.

Scrambling over the arch
This final rose is currently taking over my rose arches, it is covered in buds waiting to explode. A delicate pale pink with a delicious perfume. Very vigorous. I have a similar one else where in the garden but a stunning magenta rather than gentle pink.

After 3 years of hating the overgrown prickly monsters that have needed taming in my garden I think that I may have, finally, fallen in love with roses.

Rose walk in my garden

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