Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Borders - something my garden doesn't yet have
We regularly visit Stourhead gardens. They are a lovely place to amble on a pleasant afternoon though preferably without my boys who take it in turns to complain as we progress through the estate.

I am always slightly underwhelmed by Stourhead. I grew up not far from it and was always told what a great place it was but we were never able to visit. This meant that it's magnificence grew in my mind to such proportions that reality could never eclipse the fantasy. I still enjoy going though!

Great use of slate
My favourite bit is the walled gardens. I always enjoy seeing a good vegetable patch and dream that mine too may one day be just as organised. I think that the use of slate to label what is in the beds is fantastic, this is an idea I would like to use myself if I can source some cheap slate.
I love espalier trees
This final image is to remind me that I love espalier trees. The problem is that I haven't a clue where I could put them in my garden. Something to ponder.

None of these are the standard views of Stourhead which can be found with a quick image search. These may be less inspiring in the traditional sense but to me mean much more.

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