Tuesday 9 July 2013

Burning wood

Wood is an important part of our life here. Our central heating and hot water is supplied by a wood burning boiler. The cheapest way to buy wood in is by the timber lorry load! This should last us several years. The downside of this is that we have to process it ourselves which is quite labour intensive but has many side benefits. It has helped that we have made our heating more efficient so can get away with burning less.
The photo above shows the big stack on the left hand side, a horse in the middle to help chop and shorter lengths on the right hand side. These will be split and stacked outside to dry before getting moved into our woodshed, you can see some stacked wood drying in the back right of the photo. 

It's hard work but incredibly satisfying. Working with wood is a bit like gardening, it helps me to feel grounded. The tasks are repetitive allowing the mind to wander - but not too far! I can never get away from the fact that the timber I am handling is probably older than I am and deserves respect. What I most enjoy about this process is working in partnership with J. We know what we're doing and it takes surprisingly little time to create a good stack of logs.

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